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Get an insight into what staring a successful business looks like and how things can go hilariously wrong.

Looking to Launch Your First Business in 2020?

Learn from this previously untold story of how my first business, Busby’s Bakery failed catastrophically back in 2015. Then learn proper strategies, tips and marketing routes so your business becomes a success.

"The most helpful, funny and necessary book I found before launching my business. I learned so much!"

Despite a great idea, newbie mistake after another led it to go bust within a year, find out how. Then use the chapters on Marketing, Business Structure, Sales Funnels, HR and more to create a business plan that's strong.

Learn to stack risk in your favour. More so, you will get the mindset needed to be a great business owner.  

Starting a business drives emotion like a crazy new roller coaster on a test run, but this isn’t a short fantasy, this is your new daily life… 

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“ It inspired and certainly didn't put me off, it resonated with me “

“ Hilarious, but also really smart and witty ”

“ I love how you pulled out so many good lessons from your experience ”

“ Love your no-nonsense approach ”

“ Clean, precise I couldn't fault it or think of how to improve it. It flowed beautifully ”

“ Can't fault it, just what it should be ”

" Cleverly written, by a person whose passion and positivity is felt throughout, your business idea will be much clearer after this, use it as motivation, as a reference book, and as a guide. A must for any new Entrepreneur "

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