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Building Online Sales Systems For Growing Businesses

Gareth Busby

I wasted lots of time and money trying to find sales and...

...create awareness back in 2014, My bakery business was struggling to make headway. Without more customers I wasn't going to survive much longer, When I did get some new faces through the door I couldn't get them to come back. I tried advertising, vouchers, loyalty cards and social media marketing, but they had no impact. 

I was a naive version of a businessman, I looked great in a suit but ideas to keep my failing brand afloat didn't stick. A new "thing" would be started one week and quickly another would arise as I moved onto the next.  After dealing with customers and staff all day, then as my role as baker at night, I didn't have time to commit to any growth plans, especially when I didn't really know what the hell I was doing.

Eventually, the ultimate price was paid,

Busby's Bakery closed it's doors in 2015 leaving myself to plan a new future. It lead me down the winding emotional road of working out where it went wrong. As the heartbreak and embarrassment of failure wore off, I started to think how can I get it right next time! I started to write notes, in fact I became a sponge of information about new business, marketing and self development.

Becoming an author

To support other new wannabee entrepreneurs I committed to writing a book. This book detailed all the many mistakes I and many other business owners make. It teaches the correct mindset that you need to have to run an enterprise and what marketing can do to help a start up business. It's available here:

The entrepreneurs guide to start up success

Busby's Bakery (mach 2)

After a 3 year absence from baking, I started to get the itch again, I wanted to bake. But this time I was broke, there wasn't an option to get a building and oven and start mixing. I had to do something small scale, something that could satisfy my creative needs. So Busby's Bakery "The Online School Of Artisan Bakers" was created. It's a website that teaches wannabe bakers everything they need to know to make the perfect loaf. Currently in recording of the content, the website will hope to be live in early 2019.

Retail management

There's still more I would like to achieve in management, some of my thoughts on how to deal with day to day activities can be found on my LinkedIn profile, others in my book. My philosophy to managing people is simple:

"I believe in people, give them the right tools, the right motivation and the keep it simple and they will always over deliver"

A small market town in Oxford

Is where I learnt to play and make friends as a child. It's also where I fell in love with working in retail, Sainsbury's served me for 10 years and taught we all the skills to become a leader that I use to this day. A fantastic apprenticeship that I would recommend to any aspiring person. These days I live in Worthing, West Sussex UK which is perfect for beach weekends, dining out and commuting to the city.

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