Gareth Busby

Artisan bread Baker

Gareth Busby

Gareth Busby

Artisan bread Baker

Hi, I'm Gareth! A bread baker, owner of Busby's Bakery School and one time author. From Wantage, a market town in Oxfordshire where I first started my baking carer. At Sainsbury's for over 10 years I learned the skills required to lead in my own Bakery business.

Today, I live in Worthing, West Sussex UK which is great for enjoying the beach, walking across the downs and dining in many of its independent eateries.

Baking bread

It was never a career choice at school, I had no aspirations to be a baker when I grew up. Thankfully, baking bread found me! I love working the dough with my hands, learning about the science of baking and feeling proud of my finished products.

Baking bread is my first love. We have a rule in my house, "the bread comes first!".

Busby's Bakery

Before the bakery school I had a cafe in Worthing called Busby's Bakery. I won't lie I had a real harsh lesson in business (and life) in this period.

Despite fantastic bread products the rest of the business was not up to scratch and the business folded within a year - eek! I promised myself I would never "wing it" again.

Busby's Bakery School

After a 3 year absence from baking, I started to get the itch again, I wanted to bake.

But this time I was broke. I had to do something that could satisfy my baking needs without ploughing out thousands like in the cafe. Busby's Bakery School was started.

It's a website that shows bakers everything they need to know about the perfect loaf.

Becoming an author

To support other wannabee entrepreneurs I wrote a book. It detailed of the many mistakes I made in the cafe and what I now see many other business owners make.

It teaches the correct mindset that you need to run an enterprise and how marketing is essential to launch a successful start up. It's available here.

Get in touch

If you have a suitable opportunity, or would like to get in touch, get in contact by completing the form at Busby's Bakery School or, visiting my LinkedIn Profile